About Me!

I have been involved in the practise of complementary therapies, including delivery of training to students since 1994. My initial interest in Complementary Therapies started because of my involvement in learning a martial art and of the delivery of First Aid training to both adults and children. I quickly formed the view, that there must be a viable alternative to treating injuries, other than that commonly offered by modern medicine; the prescription of painkillers and anti-inflammatories.

My initial research initially led me to the study of Holistic Massage, which then led me to partake further training in Reflexology. Once qualified, due to demand for these services, I started providing treatments to clients. I have been in practice now for twenty years, recently making this my full time profession. As a Therapist, I am recognized and insured to practise by the Federation of Holistic Therapists.

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My main clinic, where until now I have treated the majority of my clients, is based in a dedicated treatment room at my home address. Over the preceding years, I have worked in several different treatment environments, such as Sports Centres, Private Gymnasiums and provision of Mobile treatment services.

However, I personally feel that having a clinic at my home, works best for me and I prefer to treat patients within this environment. However, I could travel to your location to provide a treatment if you wish, but this will incur an additional costs.

Recently, to facilitate an ever-growing growing demand for my services; I have opened a new clinic, near the city centre / South Liverpool. I am available for a treatment there, every Monday, at “The Eco Offices”, 125a Ullet Road; Aigburth L17 2AB.

Appointment times are from 12 noon until late. All treatments will last for at least an hour, but your initial appointment could last up to 90mins, as a full assessment is required. Directions to this clinic can be found in The Contact Section. Please note, this service is by appointment only, as there is no “walk in” availability possible.

Here, I continue to offer a fully personalized, individual treatment program for each of my patients, based on their specific needs which ensure the best possible outcome for them.

Through using Spine Works combination of the best techniques available, I will assess, locate and then treat skeletal, muscular and organ problems within your body. Your body is an integrated Holistic System, which requires all of its bony structures, muscles, internal organs and its lymphatic and blood systems to be operating correctly for you to be healthy.

Once any weaknesses or imbalances within your body have been identified and highlighted, my treatment will help facilitate your body's own natural healing processes to restore you to “natural” balance, essential to the promotion of optimum health.

Simply stated, all areas of your body will be assessed, any areas found to be incorrect or performing weakly will be addressed and as a result you will feel healthier. The treatment methods used will help your body regain and maintain its “natural” alignment and enhance your posture and feeling of well-being.

You will actively be included in this process, while I will provide you with expert advice and care to effectively reduce your pain, prevent further injury, promote your recovery and improve your health and vitality.

Treatments I may use may include:

* Acupuncture / Acupressure – Abdominal Massage – Cranio Sacral Massage –
* Chinese Style Cupping (Either traditional or modern) – Emotional Freedom Technique - Holistic Massage –
* Korean Auricular Therapy (Ear Acupuncture) - Moxibustion – Muscle Testing -– Reflexology –
* Substance Sensitivity Testing – Taping & Magnet Therapy – Probiotics, Minerals & Vitamins Advice

Please see the Section for additional details on each of the treatments.

The following and more conditions can all be alleviated, and much more importantly prevented, through my treatments.

* Arthritis
* Back / Hip / Neck Shoulder Pain
* Digestive Disorders (I.B.S, Colitis, Diarrhoea, Constipation)
* Depression / Anxiety
* Fatigue / Exhaustion
* Frozen Shoulder
* Headaches / Migraines
* Hormonal Imbalances / Infertility Issues / Reproductive Problems
* Insomnia
* Knee and Hip conditions / Plantar Fasciitis
* Skin Complaints
* Stress
* Sports Injuries

Spine Works is formed from a fusion of Eastern and Western traditional therapies, combined with the accumulated knowledge of 20 years of study and the practical experience of treating over 2’500 patients.

When customers come I will ask them at their leisure to fill in an unbiased review on . Currently I am ranked 43rd out of over 12,000 UK Complementary Therapists on FreeIndex and would like to keep going until I am number one.

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I have included some sample reviews below, and more can be found on Free Index .

Mr P Owens
I have been suffering from migraines for several years now and following many visits to th Dr and being referred to the neuro centre I have been put on many forms of medication to reduce their impact on my life.
Following a visit to Gerry, my symptoms have been greatly reduced giving me more energy and time to play with my kids. Thanks Gerry.

Mr A Kynaston
I have been suffering with plantar fasciitis for a number of months, with no luck at the doctors I decided to book in a session with Gerry, the treatment is amazing and has identified other problems and a bigger picture of what is happening with my feet.
I am booked into another session in 2 weeks, highly recommended and feeling better already!

Mr J Roberts
I've had a back/spine problem for over 2 years. When a friend of mine recommend Gerry to me, so I gave him a ring and was booked in the following Monday. After one session almost all of the issue has gone id say 80%. I am booked in for one more which will most definitely solve it, Gerry all so gave me great advice on supplements to aid my problem too. Would recommend to everybody and anybody in the area great treatment, great guy. Thanks!

Miss C Sullivan
I went to Gerry after 6 weeks off work with sciatica and back problems. I had been in a lot of pain and was limping badly. My leg and toes were numb. Gerry took one look and saw I was broken. He then proceeded to fix me. He explained everything so well and was able to see where I had problems in other parts of my body without me telling him.
He took time to do a thorough job and gave me good advice for the future. Three days later I was back at work helping someone with learning disabilities on an outdoor pursuits holiday on Exmoor. Thank you Gerry!