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During your treatment session, I may use some of the following treatment protocols available to me to aid your recovery and return you to wellness
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Acupuncture is used to assist regulation of the systems of the body and to help to restore health and vitality through the insertion of fine needles at the specific locations of the body. The needles are extra fine and cause minimal discomfort.
Acupuncture has been used in the world for the treatment of many conditions ranging from arthritis to asthma.

Pain relief is its greatest success whether it is back pain, injuries or migraine.

Tui Na is a Chinese massage used for rehabilitation and health preservation. This protocol covers many areas of healing, including Acupressure, Joint Mobilisation, Cranial Balancing and Deep Organ Oil Massage. Sometimes conditions of the body such as Eczema, Weight Gain, Diabetes, Insomnia and ME are a result of deep internal organ imbalance.
With Tui Na, there is no normally no need to remove clothing, as acupuncture points can be stimulated through massage.

If your internal organs are not well balanced, this will then throughout the entire body negatively affecting everything you do and feel. For example, an unbalanced Liver can affect your Eyes with symptoms such as dryness, itchiness, redness and poor sight. Emotionally, it can cause anger and irritation, headaches and stomach acid, to name but a few.

Your internal organs are your body's engine, as they have their own working balanced system which is essential in maintaining continued good health.

Amno Fu is a specific type of Abdominal Massage, which is designed to remove imbalances within the digestive system.

Cupping and Moxibustion are ancient healing therapies, which are very popular in today’s modern, developed world. Cupping in therapy has been used for over 3’500 years, across all continents. Common conditions treated are coldness, stiffness or lack of movement, as it removes coldness and encourages blood flow.
To use cupping, heated glass cups are applied to the skin, which creates a vacuum. The heat warms the area and the vacuum creates a 'pulling' effect on the skin and tissues encouraging increased blood flow and the removal of waste products. Alternatively, in the place of glass cups I may decide to use soft, silicon style cups instead. However, the beneficial effect is exactly the same as with glass.

Moxibustion is the burning of a Chinese herb, near to an acupuncture point. The moxa stick comes prepared and wrapped and looks similar to a cigar.
When alight, the tip of the stick is very hot and provides a localised warming, radiating heat to the area which benefits the patient.

Sacro Cranial Therapy is a specific, gentle massage of the head and neck which releases tension and imbalances within the bony structures of the head and spine. Your Sacro Cranial System has a major impact on your body and affects many of its functions. If your system is out of balance, it can be a major contributor to conditions as wide as arthritis, digestive or hormonal complaints.

Sacro Cranial Therapy is non-invasive and be used to treat virtually any condition, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual in origin. It can be especially helpful to babies, as it's effective in relieving birth trauma and other associated conditions effecting young children.

It can also help with asthma / learning difficulties, back and neck pain, menstrual pain, digestive problems, stress related conditions, hormonal imbalances, muscular aches and pains, headaches / migraines, chronic fatigue and hearing problems to name but a few.

Do some foods you eat or drink make you feel odd or unwell? If so, you may be sensitive to one or more substances, which are having a negative effect on your body and health.

The common symptoms I is see on a regular basis are:
• Abdominal Distension
• Bloating
• Diarrhoea, Constipation, Feeling out of sorts
• Exhaustion, Extreme Fatigue, Continual Tiredness
• Headaches and Migraines
• IBS (Irritable Bowen Syndrome)
• Joint Issues, Back, Neck, Shoulder, Elbow, Hip, Knee & Ankle Problems
• Muscular Pain, Strains, Frozen Shoulder, Plantar Fasciitis
• “Mental Fog” , Inability To Concentrate, Revision / Study Problems
• Skin Complaints
• Sinus Problems, Excessive Catarrh
• Weight Problems

As a qualified substance sensitivity therapist, I am able to utilise a simple and painless sensitivity intolerance test to pin point which potentially harmful foods or additives that may be causing your symptoms. I can then offer custom advice on an individually tailored, effective, safe and sensible personal elimination program.

This is a more traditional Western style of Massage, which uses Oil or Balms to help the Massage process. This will require removal of the clothing on the affected areas of the body.

Towels are used at all times to maintain your modesty and comfort. The decision to remove any underwear for your massage is entirely yours and I am more than happy to follow any direction from you.

Any patient under the age of 18yrs old, must have an adult chaperone present.
Depending on your specific requirements, the massage can range I style from calming and relaxing to energising and invigorating.

Emotional Freedom Technique is a non-invasive therapy used to remove addictions, anxieties and phobias from the patient. Emotional Freedom Technique was developed by Gary Craig. You will be instructed on how to locate Key points on your body. These will then be tapped in a pattern, to remove disruptions from your body's energy systems. It is these disruptions that cause negative emotions such as phobias, anxiety, cravings, addictions and stress.
Corporate On Site Massage Service - Calming - Relaxing - Revitalising

My Corporate On-Site Massage Service is delivered direct to you, in your workplace and lasts either 15 or 30 minutes in duration. You remain fully clothed throughout and are seated on an ergonomically designed massage chair. I choose to use only the “Dolphin” Massage chair, which I imported directly from the USA. As well as being supremely comfortable, the “Dolphin” is the only chair that allows me to reposition my patients from fully vertical to the fully horizontal one, while at all times supporting the whole of your body, thereby removing any strain from your neck, spine and limbs.

During your On-Site session, I will use specific massage techniques on your spine, muscles and acupressure meridians to rebalance you. This affects the associated physical organs and your energetic systems to redress the flow of energy around your whole body. This rebalancing releases tension in tightened muscles, ligaments and joints and these will ease allowing increased and improved Blood and Lymph circulation. As a result your Digestive, Endocrine, Immune and Nervous systems will all benefit as the massage removes “stagnant” energy leaving you feeling revitalised. This form of massage has been specifically designed with the workplace in mind and the session promotes a sense of increased well-being, leaving you feeling calm and relaxed, but alert and clearly focused, ready to tackle the rest of the day with renewed enthusiasm.

Common conditions which can be treated include Anxiety, Back & Sciatic Pain, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Depression, Eyestrain, Frozen Shoulder, Headaches, Insomnia, Migraines, Muscle Tension, Neck Pain, PMT, Repetitive Strain Injuries and Stress